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Lower Sugar Mini Mooncakes with Chinese Tea Gift Set 低糖盈月茗茶錦盒

Low Sugar Mini Mooncakes with Tea Set, 低糖迷你盈月茗茶錦盒
Price: $31.50
Coming soon, please check back in August

Lower Sugar Lotus Seed w/ Yolk Mini Mooncakes with Chinese Tea Gift Set 低糖盈月茗茶錦盒 (低糖迷你蛋黃白蓮蓉 6個+1茗茶包)

Description: These lower sugar Mooncakes are the perfect gift for those looking to celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, but with a little discretion in their diet. These pastries maintain the great taste that made Mooncakes famous, but with a little less of what will pack on the pounds. These cakes are made of white lotus paste, which will offer a subtle and calming fragrance as well as a great taste. Included in this set is a tea leaf box.
Contents: Six pieces of lower sugar mini mooncakes, made with white lotus seed paste; and one Chinese tea leaf box.
Ingredients: Maltitol, Lotus Seeds, Peanut Oil, Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Water, Sugar, Salt, Baking Soda, Eggs.

NOTE: Box is seasonal, it may be different from picture, but similar

All Paste fillings are Made in Hong Kong, products are freshly baked in Los Angeles, USA. 

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Item Number: M100115

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Kee Wah Moon Cake 2015 from Film Factory Hong Kong on Vimeo.