Assorted Fruit Short Cakes Small Box 什錦鳳梨酥禮盒9pc


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Assorted Fruit Short Cakes Small Box 9 PC 什錦鳳梨酥禮盒 (9PC)
Description: Assorted Fruit Short Cakes Small Box 9 pc
A. Pineapple Trio (3 original, 3 yolk, 3 walnuts) 鳳梨三部曲
B. Fruit Trio (3 Melon, 3 Mango, 3 Kumquat) 水果三部曲
C. Fruit Medley (3 orginal, 2 melon, 2 mango, 2 kumquat) 水果組合
D. The Duet (6 Walnuts, 3 Yolks) 鳳梨雙重奏
E. The Couple (6 Kumquat, 3 Mango) 最佳拍檔
F. The Original (9 Original) 原味鳳梨酥
G. The Yolk Pineapple (9 Yolk) 旦黃鳳梨酥
H. The Walnuts (9 Walnuts) 合桃鳳梨酥
I. The Melon (9 Melon) 密瓜金酥
J. The Mango (9 Mango) 香芒金酥
K. The Kumquat (9 Kumquat lemon) 金橘檸檬金酥

(Actual style and color of boxes may different from picture)

Nutrition and Ingredients information available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm
Box Color

Red, Yellow


Pineapple Trio 鳳梨三部曲, Fruit Trio 水果三部曲, Fruit Medley 水果組合, The Duet 鳳梨雙重奏, The Couple 最佳拍檔, The Original 原味鳳梨酥, The Yolk Pineapple 旦黃鳳梨酥, The Walnuts 合桃鳳梨酥, The Melon 密瓜金酥, The Mango 香芒金酥, The Kumquat 金橘檸檬金酥

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