Lotus Seed Paste 1 Yolk 蛋黃金黃蓮蓉月餅


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Lotus Seed Mooncakes 純正金黃蓮蓉月餅 (Choice of 0 to 5 Yolks, please select in Options)
Description:These luscious Mooncakes are made with pure Lotus Seed paste, which have a delectably sweet taste, and a very gentle aroma. The cake comes with choice of no yolk to 5 yolks inside, which means all you get is a solid slab of delicious Lotus Seed paste with an option of a tint of salty. There are 4 great tasting Mooncakes in this tin, making it perfect for sharing!
Contents: This product contains four mooncakes.
Ingredients: Lotus Seed Paste, Sugar, Peanut Oil, Flour, (Yolk) Egg-Wash.
All Paste fillings are Made in Hong Kong, products are freshly baked in Los Angeles, USA.

Nutrition and Ingredients information available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm
Number of Yolks

No Yolk 純正, One(1) Yolk 蛋黃, Two(2) Yolks 雙黃, Three(3) Yolks 三黃, Four(4) Yolks 四黃, Five(5) Yolks 五黃

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