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Kee Wah - the Legend of a 60-year Old Bakery Story. That is Growing from Strength to Strength

Kee Wah was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Mr. Wong Yip Wing (1911 - 1999). The Company is well known in Hong Kong and overseas for its signature products - Chinese Bridal Cakes and Mooncakes - though a wide range of Chinese and Western delicacies is equally popular. In 1985, due to an increase in the number of immigrants and the request of our patronized Chinese communities in the United States, the Company decided to take a step further in marketing and opened up its first subsidiary in Southern California located in Monterey Park, Los Angeles known as Kee Wah Corporation aka Kee Wah Bakery . As supports continually provided by our loyal customers, in 1989 and 1996, San Gabriel and Rowland Heights branches were opened respectively to further serve the Los Angeles Metro Area communities. Two more outlets were opened in Milpitas serving our Northern California Communities in 1996 and 1997.

Our Specialty

Keewah Bakery Los Angeles StoreBesides the Company's signature products, Chinese Bridal Cakes and Mooncakes, the Bakery also provides 3-times-a-day freshly baked breads and introduces the "Self-Serve" modern bakery system where customers are welcomed to pick their choice of pastries. Throughout the year, the Bakery offers different kinds and sizes of fresh cream cakes for different occasions, such as Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Chinese New Year. Custom designs are also welcomed. Please don't forget to visit our new E-Cake Service page where the Bakery offers online cake order for our valued customers. This E-Cake Service is designed to provide a chance for your beloved ones who are living in the Los Angeles metro area to receive this special "Gift" from you! Wedding is one of the most important times in our lives. The Bakery has made this special moment more memorable by providing numerous designs of Wedding Cakes to accommodate each couple's individual theme. Please do not hesitate to contact us as you need personal assistance. In addition, the Bakery also offers different Chinese Favorites and Delicacies including traditional Chinese Eggrolls and Pineapple Paste cakes. Deluxe gift packages are available.

Kee Wah Moon Cake 2015 from Film Factory Hong Kong on Vimeo.

Today's Specials

Eight Star Gift Box 八星聚寶盒
Price: $44.80
Eight Star Gift Box 八星聚寶盒
Chinese New Year Twin Eggroll Gift Box 奇華賀年孖庒旦卷
Price: $26.80
Chinese New Year Twin Eggroll Gift Box 奇華賀年孖庒旦卷
E200100T 奇華賀年孖庒旦卷
Mini Mooncake 4-Pc Set 精緻迷你 (NEW 2015)
Price: From $15.00 to $15.75
Mini Mooncake 4-Pc Set 精緻迷你 (NEW 2015)
Best Gift Box Seller
Mooncake Ruby Gift Box 紅袍錦盒
Ruby Gift Box 紅袍錦盒
Price: $46.80
Ruby Gift Box  紅袍錦盒
Ruby Gift Box 紅袍錦盒


除了本公司著名的中式婚嫁蛋糕和月餅以外,本公司每天出爐三次以供應新鮮的蛋糕及麵包,並採取先進的 "自助"方式來歡迎所有的客人可以親自挑選自己喜愛的點心。

多年以來,本公司供應各式不同大小和樣式的新鮮奶油蛋糕來配合各種不同的場合,例如:生日,聖誕節,情人節,母親節,父親節,以及中國新年。 我們也很歡迎顧客自己設計心中理想蛋糕。 請也別忘了使用我們新的E-cake service的網頁,那裡有本公司專門為我們顧客所設計的網上定購服務。 這個E-cake service讓您住在大洛杉磯地區的親友亦可以收到您特別為他們準備的貼心 "禮物" 。

結婚是人生最期盼最重要的時刻。 本公司也特地為了這個重要的時刻推出多樣化的婚嫁系列,以方便每一位新人有其獨特的主題。 所以當您需要婚禮蛋糕服務時,請儘快與我們聯絡

此外, 本公司亦提供各式的中式糕餅及點心,包括傳統中式蛋卷和鳳梨酥。 我們亦提供美麗大方的禮品包裝服務。

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Kee Wah Moon Cake 2015 from Film Factory Hong Kong on Vimeo.