Ordering, Shipping & Returns


Q: What payment methods do we accept?

A: We accept PayPal, Visa Card, Mastercard, Discover, MaestroCard, American Express. We also accept Alipay, WechatPay and UnionPay through NihaoPay. All prices listed is in USD, and are as subject to what is shown on the day of order .

洛杉磯奇華網店接受付款方式包括: Paypal, VISA卡、萬事達卡、Maestro卡和美國運通卡。我們同時接受透過NihaoPay用Alipay, WechatPay and UnionPay付款。所有貨品之價格均以美金計算, 和以訂購當日所示為準。

Q: How will shipping cost be calculated?

A: Shipping charges are calculated at check out before credit card information is requested. Calculation is based on the quantity, weight and delivery address of your order. We offer UPS or Fedex and US Postal Service (it's solely at Kee Wah discretion to choose which one to use for the benefit of customers).

答:運費會根據訂單數量,重量以及郵寄目的地, 在您結賬時被要求輸入信用卡之前被計算好。我們使用UPS, FEDEX和美國郵政服務運送訂單 (服務的使用選擇將以客人的最大利益為依歸, 奇華擁有最後決定權) .

Q: Do you deliver to P.O.Box/APO address?
問: 請問會接受郵寄到美國郵局信箱或APO地址嗎?

A: We do deliver to P.O.Box/APO address, but please note that your only available shipping option is USPS Postal Service.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally for the mean-time.


Q: How does Flat Rate Shipping work?

A: We offer low economic Flat Rate Shipping to our customers. It usually takes 5-7 business days within the 48 contiguous states of USA excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and any other US territories, and international addresses. Transit time is not guaranteed due to heavy seasons, and other unforeseeable reasons.

答:我們時常為顧客提供經濟的均一郵費優惠。正常來講,選擇均一郵寄的話, 運送需時約5-7個工作天。優惠地區包括美國大陸內的所有48州份, 但不包括美國離島或其他本國領土。訂單量大的時節如中秋節前的月份, 或在其他無法預計的情況下, 運送時需將無法百份之百得到保證.

Q: What should I do if my package arrived with wrong content or damaged?

A: Customer must check content upon receipt of the order. If missing items, damages or perishes are found, please immediately email to cs@keewah.us regarding this issue, with your order number, packing list image, and photos showing the wrong content / defective items for investigation. Someone will follow up with you after submission.

答:顧客於收取貨品時必須檢查貨品是否閣下所訂購之種類、數量及是否有損毀及變壞。如發現貨品與訂購之種類及數量不符或有損毀,請立即連同產品損壞相片,裝箱單相片及訂單編號電郵至 cs@keewah.us, 我們會有專人聯絡 您跟進情況

Q: What happens after I place my order?

A: We do not process orders on weekends, orders placed on Friday usually shipped out on the following Monday or next business day (excluding holidays). Please check your email box for order confirmation after your order is placed. If you cannot find the order confirmation in your Inbox, please check your spam folder.

答:週末收到的訂單會在下個工作天被處理。星期五收到的訂單通常會在下星期一或下一個工作天 (公眾假期除外) 被寄出。下單後,請查看您的電子郵箱主要電郵文件夾 (甚至垃圾電郵文件夾),您應該收到我們寄出的確認訂單的郵件.

Q: What can I do if my order and/or shipping information is incorrect?

A: Once an order is placed, we are unable to make any changes. If it is not processed or shipped yet, you can notify us to cancel your original order. Please email to orders@keewah.us with your order confirmation number immediately and we will try to cancel and refund the order. Please feel free to place a new correct order. If shipping information is incorrect due to user error, Kee Wah reserves the right to charge additional fees for rearranging shipping. A tracking number will be emailed once your order is shipped. With the Order Tracking Number, you may log in to www.keewah.us, or track order status here on our website https://keewah.us/apps/order-tracking. Please be aware that during heavy seasons, response time might be up to 48 to 72 hours from our customer service department.

答:訂單一經收到,便再也不能更改資料. 倘若訂單還未被處理, 或包裹還未被寄出, 請立即連同訂單編號電郵至orders@keewah.us 通知我們去嘗試取消訂單。假若取消成功,您可以重新再下一次資料正確的訂單。已確認送貨途中的送貨地址或時段修改、送貨資料錯誤、不完整等而導致貨品未能如期送達或遺失,本網站將保留收取再安排派送服務的額外費用及其他有關費用之權利。包裹寄出後我們會發您包裹追縱號,您就可以到 www.keewah.us 登入您的奇華賬號查看包裹目前運送進度,或在 https://keewah.us/apps/order-tracking 輸入訂單編號追縱您的包裹。訂單量大的時節如中秋節前的月份, 客服部可能需要48至72小時作出回應, 敬請留意.

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A: All shipments leave from Los Angeles, California. Transit time calculation is based on final destination, usually it takes 3-7 business days to arrive by Ground Service. Expedited services are available upon request.

答:所有包裹皆由加州洛杉磯寄出。視乎收貨目的地, 陸運服務一般送貨需時約3至有7個工作天。客人也可選擇特快寄運服務

Q: May I schedule a delivery date?

A: Sorry but we do not offer scheduled delivery service.


Q: Help! I still haven't received any confirmation regarding my shipment via email

A: If you cannot find the order confirmation email in your Inbox, please check your SPAM folder, to make sure your order did go through. Please email us at cs@keewah.us with order details such as your name and email used at checkout if you believe you did not receive an email from us. If you did not receive any order confirmation email from us, and your order status says “Failed"" when you log in to your Kee Wah online shopping account, then it means your payment did not go through for whatever reason. So we suggest to place a new order. Thank you for your patience.

答:倘若您無法在您的郵箱找到確認訂單的郵件,請查看您的垃圾電郵文件夾,以肯定您的訂單已被成功送出。如肯定沒有收到任何有關訂單的郵件,請連同訂單細節如訂購姓名和電郵地址,電郵至 cs@keewah.us。 假若肯定沒有收到確認訂單的郵件,而當您登入奇華賬號, 訂單狀態顯示為”Failed”, 那代表因為某些原因, 我們無法收到您的付款。這情況下請耐心重下新訂單, 感謝

Q: What is your Returns Or Exchanges policy?

A: We do not offer Returns or Exchanges unless the order is damaged or there is an error or mistake on Kee Wah end. If there is any issue with your order, please contact us at orders@keewah.us and we will assist you.

答:除非產品到達時已經損壞,或者訂單處理出錯而責任在奇華,否則不設退換。如若您有任何問題,請電郵至 orders@keewah.us, 我們會提供協助.