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Kee Wah Bakery

Bridal Wedding Favors 嫁喜席上餅

Bridal Wedding Favors 嫁喜席上餅

***Heartshaped Lotus Seed Bridal Cake is discontinued, please choose Fruit Cake Flavors***

Chinese Bridal Wedding Favors 4 designs to choose from Options Coronet 鳳冠 (paper box) / Double Happiness 雙喜 (paper box) / Embroidery 繡花絹布 (Cloth wrapped paper box) / The Couple Tin 夫婦鐵盒 (Tin box)

Due to the delicate texture of the Heart Shape Bridal Cakes, we are no longer offering the Heart Shape Bridal Cakes for this item. Please choose from our famous Fruit Shortcake Selections. Thank you! 由於“心形”嫁喜餅質地脆弱,不適合長途運輸,因此,我們不再提供“心形”嫁喜餅 。請從我們著名的“果味金酥”中選擇。謝謝!


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  • Wedding Favors with Pineapple Short Cake (1pc) (Minimum order 10 pcs)
  • Original Pineapple Shortcake 原味鳳梨酥
  • Pineapple Shortcake with Walnuts 鳳梨合桃酥
  • Pineapple Shortcake with Yolk 旦黃鳳梨酥
  • Mango Short Cake 香芒金酥
  • Melon Short Cake 密瓜金酥
  • Kumquat Lemon Short Cake 金橘檸檬金酥

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